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Three times to knock on wood 1 sec.
or on the door knocker, wooden hammer... (ID: 4752896) download

2 times knocking on wood or 1 sec.
on the door, door knockers, hammer on... (ID: 5037559) download

Bell, chime, antique door 1 sec.
bell ring once, ring, high pitch... (ID: 6786709) download

Bell, chime, antique door 1 sec.
bell ring once very briefly, ring, high... (ID: 8633049) download

Locking the door with key 5 sec.
ring... (ID: 1020002) download

Heavy steel door slam, also 1 sec.
for car door or used as a percussion drum... (ID: 4791430) download

Bicycle bell, ring the bell 1 sec.
once (Thanks Steffi!)... (ID: 5494951) download

Baby cries a little, infant 16 sec.
infant... (ID: 7192092) download

Open beer bottle with pop 1 sec.
with a lighter and swing... (ID: 4850096) download

rolling with impact, against 2 sec.
bump, crash sounds like sheet metal and... (ID: 5446158) download


New sound effects:

Jet engine with afterburner 29 sec.
e.g. the test stand, dragster, with many... (ID: 4095661) download

Jet engine with afterburner 24 sec.
e.g. at the test stand, dragster,... (ID: 8931201) download

Jet engine with afterburner 11 sec.
e.g. the test stand, dragster, helicopter,... (ID: 8042411) download

Jet engine with afterburner 11 sec.
e.g. the test stand, dragster, helicopter,... (ID: 2442467) download

Elster twitters 2 1 sec.
2... (ID: 5951190) download

Crows sitting in the trees 5 sec.
and crows, short exposure... (ID: 7111117) download

Elster twitters 1, typical 1 sec.
sound of the bird... (ID: 2840655) download

Crow, crows twice, loud 1 sec.
recording... (ID: 8644380) download

Crows and magpies in the 22 sec.
swarm on the roofs, very noisy... (ID: 5491461) download

Crows fighting and jostling 5 sec.
and crows... (ID: 3392811) download

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Top sound effect downloads:

heavy rain with thunderstorm 913 sec.
in the background, rumbling thunder,... (ID: 6919184) download

Birds in the forest with a 231 sec.
stream in the morning, singing birds,... (ID: 1454157) download

Birds chirping songbirds in 8 sec.
the park / forest in spring... (ID: 1755562) download

Fireworks with firecrackers 360 sec.
rockets, Audibles, New Year - Part 3 / 3... (ID: 5647578) download

Thunderstorm rain forest 27 sec.
summer rain, loud thunder at first, then... (ID: 7378371) download

Harley Davidson start, engine 20 sec.
engine idle and drive off... (ID: 4132074) download

busy road, street noises 74 sec.
cars driving in both directions, including... (ID: 4725222) download

Songbirds chirping in the 10 sec.
park / forest in spring... (ID: 1062493) download

First lightning, thunder of a 5 sec.
a thunderstorm in summer 2011... (ID: 5033096) download

Fireworks briefly with 13 sec.
howler, firecrackers and rockets, detail... (ID: 8119443) download

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Random noises:

Large supermarket the cashier 28 sec.
cashier (point of sale), the cash register... (ID: 1158971) download

Flush toilet, top-mounted 6 sec.
cistern with chain, once flushing... (ID: 5608789) download

Ding Dong bell will ring 3 3 sec.
times, 2-tone chime, doorbell, low pitch... (ID: 6035066) download
salamisounds in action

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