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Mercedes Silver Arrow bus MB 24 sec.
O 530 G, built about 2000, articulated bus... (ID: 1020079) download

MB Mercedes bus stands at the 17 sec.
the bus stop, close doors, brakes and... (ID: 1465067) download

Bus, bus Mercedes MB, travel 31 sec.
from left to bus stop, brakes, doors open,... (ID: 8894279) download

starting Harley Davidson 883 5 sec.
Iron, electric starter and a little engine... (ID: 4212861) download

small horn honk once briefly 1 sec.
briefly... (ID: 4681975) download

small horn honk twice 1 sec.
twice... (ID: 4113166) download

small horns, one long, one 3 sec.
short, one long honk... (ID: 1190067) download

Motorcycle start, electric 2 sec.
start, 4-cylinder, 400 cc... (ID: 4468705) download

Motorcycle passing, low tone 3 sec.
tone, 150% speed, recording in a tunnel... (ID: 8201623) download

Motorcycle passing, high 3 sec.
pitch, 150% speed, recording in a tunnel... (ID: 5435311) download


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growling, teeth baring a 6 sec.
large dog, wolf or monster... (ID: 5990033) download

short low growl of a very 1 sec.
large animal, monster, wolf or similar... (ID: 7601434) download

Meow cat, meow very short 1 sec.
relaxed... (ID: 7296645) download

dog growling, barking twice 2 sec.
and outgoing growl... (ID: 1305945) download

large, barking growling dog 3 sec.
twice and outgoing growl... (ID: 1937302) download

growling, teeth baring a 4 sec.
large dog, wolf or monster... (ID: 2116626) download

bark and growl once final 1 sec.
small dog... (ID: 3561361) download

powerful growl of a larger 3 sec.
dog, wolf... (ID: 5350478) download

powerful growl of a great 3 sec.
dog, low pitch, large wolf or monster... (ID: 3135297) download

small dog barks and growls 3 sec.
running around in the hallway... (ID: 3223169) download

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Birds chirping songbirds in 8 sec.
the park / forest in spring... (ID: 1755562) download

Birds in the forest with a 231 sec.
stream in the morning, singing birds,... (ID: 1454157) download

First lightning, thunder of a 5 sec.
a thunderstorm in summer 2011... (ID: 5033096) download

Fireworks briefly with 13 sec.
howler, firecrackers and rockets, detail... (ID: 8119443) download

busy road, street noises 74 sec.
cars driving in both directions, including... (ID: 4725222) download

Songbirds chirping in the 10 sec.
park / forest in spring... (ID: 1062493) download

Street noise, cars in both 33 sec.
directions, slight bump there, normal... (ID: 1020082) download

Thunderstorm rain forest 27 sec.
summer rain, loud thunder at first, then... (ID: 7378371) download

Left mouse button click 1 sec.
click... (ID: 1020064) download

Fireworks with firecrackers 360 sec.
rockets, Audibles, New Year - Part 3 / 3... (ID: 5647578) download

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Random noises:

slower speed, for example 1 sec.
wind Musical clock, alarm clock, wall... (ID: 6268402) download

ElMa 9, electromechanical 1 sec.
noise, in short, for example, for Robotor,... (ID: 2806608) download

Vibration, springs vibrate 1 sec.
absorb, funny effect, set (5 / 9)... (ID: 6379218) download
salamisounds in action

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